Worries of a mom
Worries of a single mom

I wanna share my life to all of You,before i'm a catholic but i didn't feel GOD is working in my life. If i'm in the church attending the Mass I feel sleepy, Then I struggle a lot. The worst thing happen into my life when I accept the man that i think he can help me,

But I'm wrong in 8yrs.that we've been together, there's a lot of pain,emotionally, physically & spiritually. W got 2 daughters, After 8yrs.I decided to end up our relationship,kasi wala nman ngbago, I let him Go.
Pinabalik ko sya sa Manila. I'm very worried that time,
I don't know what to do anymore, i worried if I can manage to give a good future of my children.

To make my story short, I decided to work in manila, but the sallary is enough for us. So i decided to apply abroad,
First i apply in Singapore, I've got an a Christian employer there.she keep ask me to go with her in the Church everysunday, in her church.then one day she ask me to join in the filipino Congregation@Papuri Church,
I feel the presence of Godin my life so after 3 months I accept JESUS As my Savior that is July 3 2005.

But because of my off day it's only once a month, I can't focus my discipleship, I'm not satisfied
The more I've been thirsty of the GOD'S words.
I missed the worship for how many sundays & the fellowship.
I want to have a fellowship bec. It makes me un burden all my burden & cure my homesick.

So i keep praying that i can apply here in HK.Bec.i heard that here in.HK is every week they have an holiday.after i finished my contract in Singapore after 4yrs i Apply here & God answer my Prayer.
First my employer here is not good.the 2nd one is abit good but i break the contract bec.I look after this my previous employer now they are a Christian too, they are very good employer.

As a single mom i worries a lot.bec . It's very difficult to support my children specially when my eldest daughter get married she is still ask me support then my youngest one still continues her studies.
When she go college the more i worried.bec.of her course I don't know if i can support her needs.but one day God reminds me the verse of Phil.4: 6
Yes...I stand firm about the promises of the Lord to us,
I know that all these circumstances I've been meet has a purpose all these mistakes is a lesson for me & to lead me to trust more to our LORD.

Since that I stop worrying, I always pray & lift up to GOD All my burden & God will answer our prayer.

My youngest daughter was graduated & pass the board exam, & got work after 2months she is regular already by the grace of God.
Really GOD is good & great provider He always provide our needs if we truelly trust GOD & have Faith.like what He promised in Heb.13:5.....".never will i leave you nor forsake you."

And now my daughter is serving in the Church of Victory in Alabang, as a Christian,GOD is overflowing His fruits to us,

As we focus on JESUS & immerse our minds responsively in GOD'S words we find light shining more & more upon our daily path.
Then we are better able to be what GOD intended us to be.

By His provision we almost overcome the circumstances,
Thanks God by His grace & mercy we are nothing without JESUS.

For by grace you have been saved through faith, & this is not your own doing it is the gift of GOD.

Thank you.🙏🙏🙏

Evelyn B.Muncada


I was once dreaming to be a Police officer with a quote "I am the captain of my soul" but absolutely wrong.

After secondary school, my parents told me not to pursue college cause they can't afford it knowing that i still have little sister and the way of living in the province is not that easy and yet, I really want to finish college. Oppurtunities came and one of my relative offered me to study and work at there house at the same time,so i grabbed it but that was not easy. No time for study cause i felt so tired and have work to do. With the qoute "I am the captain of my soul" I felt so much pride and i thought I can already handle myself. That my 3rd year in college so I quit and find another ways how to finish.

I went to Cebu City and find job. Yes !!! I made it!!!!! I work as cashier. I met friends though i didnot say they are bad but the darkest part of my life happend. I turned to be a city girl, happy go lucky, drunk everywhere, disco, overnight with friends then go home early in the morning. I have so much fun then my parent turned so worried to me. My elder sister whom i stayed always cried because of worries. I dont listened to anyone and im too irritated of advices.

After two years of being a social climber, party goer, i was touched and i decided to continue my college . I stayed with my uncle who treated like his own daughter. I changed my life style and my willingness ti graduate was my priority. Last semester of my study was the turning point of my dream. It seemed everything closed and theres no way out. I was'nt able to find a job and the company i worked with dont accept graveyard lady part-timer. I sent lots of resume to any company who accept part-time but it reached till last day of enrollment and i dont have job yet. I left no choice , but stop. It was too hard to accept. Above everything I've been through, i still failed to pursue.

One door opened for me, a financing company hired me as trainee clerk but it doesnt for long. A super typhoon name Yolanda hit Central Visayas that destroyed the office in Tacloban. As a new employee I was forced to terminate as the company need to returned the regular employee in my position. I felt so down and seemed no choice at all untill one of my friend hired me in HongKong as nanny of her son.

Being a OFW is a path used by God in knowing Him. God guide me and bring me to a place that He want me to be so He made a way for me to embrace His love and mercy knowing Jesus Christ His only son saved me. Yes He did!!! He took me out from darkness.

And now i changed my quote "God is the captain of my soul and I am only his crew"

GOD dont want me to be a police officer because he want me to be His soldier.

Christy Targa

God is a powerful God

I’m Mary Grace Orzales, Diaz, from Davao City and I grew up in a catholic background. Through the mercy and grace of our God, I joined and was baptized in Church of Christ, Son of the Living God. I got married to my husband, Marcelino Diaz Jr. who is also a Christian believer. I have a daughter and a son, both are already grown up now. Before I came to work here in Hong Kong, the year 2005 is really a big challenge to me and to my husband. When I gave birth to my son, he was always been hospitalized. That cause us a lot of debt to my brother in law. Since then, I decided to help my husband to find a way how we can settle our financial problem. So I tried my luck in one agency that hires domestic helpers. Again in God’s grace, I did it. I really pray hard for this, asking His help and His guidance in everything we do. He is really an amazing God, for those who is in need. It’s difficult for me to leave my family in the Philippines, but i know the Lord is with us on the situation we are facing that time, He is our comforter.
On September 23, 2005, I arrived here in Hong Kong. It’s very difficult for me to work here, because I’m the type of person who depend everything to my husband. But because the Lord has a purpose to me here in Hong Kong, I trusted to Him everything, like the feeling of homesickness and the difficult situation to my first employer. Even the situation is difficult, I’m still praising Him, because I really feel that He is always there for me, and He teach me how to get closer to Him. Because the Lord is so gracious to me, I finished my contract to my first employer here in Hong Kong.
Then I was hired by my present employer in year 2007. By His grace, He is still my strength and my Provider, because I found an employer who understand my ability to managed the household task and to prove to myself that I can do it. As a Christian He gave me another challenge of my faith, by using the mother of my employer, who is 85 years old then.

When I saw that old woman, I assumed that she is very bad. Since then I didn’t knew how to respect her, because of the attitude she has. And in my mind, she’s not my employer. And that time, I notice already that my patience is not working anymore, I didn’t know how to treat and love her as my own grandmother. I almost want to quit my job before, because I’m not happy to stay and serve her. Our Lord Jesus, did not allowed me to fall on that sin, He made a way for me to love the unlovable. I prayed to Him to fix the heart of that old woman and me. Until the time that the old woman got sick, the presence of the lord is working already to both of us, we become closer to each other, and she feel that i care a lot for her. Our God is a powerful God. He will handle our difficulties, if we trust and believed in Him with all our heart. He is the author of our life. In proverbs 3:5-6…trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding... in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.