This is the church I grew Spiritually

“Here in COG HKG where I deeply understand what it means to follow Christ. This is the church I grew Spiritually.“

I may still need to grow up more but looking back then , I'm so thankful to God I found a family here who become part of my Spiritual growth. - Nezie Ariola

My attitude change into a positive one

“I learned not to panic despite of numerous financial obligations, because I know God is there to provide. I only surpassed this because He is there for us. In the past I used to panic that leads to worrying, but when I join this church family “my attitude change into a positive one,”...I remained stronger because of the Love and Promises of God.”

I’m very thankful for the warm welcome and considering me as one of the family. Thanks for all the inspiring messages that makes me enlighten makes me strong! - Maryjane Zapanta

It penetrates my heart!

“Since day 1 here in COGHKG, I learned a lot of things. The distance (living in HKG Island) never really hinder me from fully serving the Lord. But sometime it discouraged me, but I held on God’s promises, that He never leave us nor forsake us - Heb.13:5”

I will continue to do my best to serve Him and be a good encourager to others, showing that we can do this by His grace alone, I am nothing with out God. The Preaching transformed me bit by bit, thankful to the messages every Sunday...
It penetrates my heart! - Evelyn Muncada