Kingdom Connection

Church Connection

Currently the COGWMHKG established ties and relationship with COG Churches and Christian Churches around the globe.

Bro Tommy Smith and Sis Poppi Smith
Regional Superintendent
Church Of God – Indonesia (Residing)

Lunch treat by our Superintendent, enjoying local dishes @ Jakarta City – Jan 28 2017.

Bro Anthony Velasco and Sis Gigi Velasco
National Overseer
Church Of God – Philippines

Lunch treat by Bro Anthony Chinese Buffet @ Orlando, Florida – Aug 01 2014

Bro Moses Phung
National Overseer
Church of God

Good dinner with Vietnam Overseer @ Ho Chi Minh City – April 17 2017

Bro Edwin Pena and Sis Arta Pena
Senior Pastor
Assembly of God
Batam – Indonesia

Lunch after a good service before Bro Eugene goes back to HKG @ Batam – May 02 2016

Sis Lily
Pastor – Turn Around Church
Church of God – Bangkok, Thailand

Church entrance, posing with Bro Eugene’s family @ Bangkok – Sep 04 2016

Bro Fred Toke
National Overseer

Church Christmas Service @ World for the World – Church Of God @ Chinatown, Singapore

Bro Jing Rodelas
Senior Pastor – Church of God Palangue
Naic, Cavite, Philippines

Church facade with Bro Jing and Ricky before the Anniversary serviceĀ  – Feb 27 2013

Bro Lito Anabo
Regional Overseer – Visayas
Church Of God, Philippines

After Anniversary service, coffee and late snackĀ  – July 10 2016

Bro Gary Hall
Senior Pastor – Church of God – Mount Of Olive
Israel Overseer
Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem Visit in Aug 2017 – Facade of the COG Jerusalem